Analysis: An Intellectual Journal

Analysis℠ is an "intellectual journal", viz. a record of intellectual development.

Analysis can be seen as an experiment, which is trying to bring order to already existing human thinking capabilities, to try in using them to their full potential.

Websites can become final organized books, which have more flexibility than that writing in the paper book. We can here lift the same once typed text into another place, and group similar thoughts for having a better organization; we can collapse thought groups with just one name using toggle effect to have an overview; we can search our thinking from the search box, have all our notions a permanent place for incremental construction and even more as needed. We might have a different kind of notebook in the next generation (many of them are already there in the evolution stage), with a kind of e-reader kind pages. Digital Writing has got flexibility of giving what we need. Intellectual Journal seems to be looking like the intellect…
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